Computer Coding Python Projects for Kids: A Step-by-Step Visual Guide


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Computer Coding for KidsComputer Coding for Kids

Step-by-step instructions Full-colour illustrations Clear diagrams Supports the National Curriculum KS2 to KS4 Teaches how computer coding works and why Updated for Scratch 3.0

Step-by-step explanations make the complex skill of programming clear for a complete beginner

These essential guides for young coders help guide them through different coding languages with the help of games and projects that they can build for themselves.

Ideal for children aged 8-16 with no previous experience of computer programming, the visual step-by-steps split complicated code into manageable, easy-to-digest chunks of information.

DK’s Computer Coding for Kids series

DK Computer Coding Series

DK Computer Coding Series

colour images throughout

colour images throughout

Clear and colourful diagrams

Clear and colourful diagrams

A coding book for everyone

Step-by-step instructions

Full-colour illustrations throughout

Book description
From binary code to building games in Scratch 3.0 Build computer games using Scratch 3.0 Create projects using Scratch 3.0 Make games using Python Create your own Python projects
Contents include
What is Coding? Starting from Scratch Playing with Python Inside Computers Programming in the Real World Computer Games Getting Started, Star Hunter, Cheese Chase, Circle Wars, Jumpy Monkey, Doom on the Broom, Dog’s Dinner, Glacier Race, Tropical Tunes, What Next? What is coding? Getting started, Art, Games, Simulations, Music and Sound, Mindbenders, Next Steps What is Python? Learning the basics Shoot the Fruit, Coin Collector, Follow the Numbers, Big Quiz, Balloon Flight, Dance Challenge, Happy Garden, Sleeping Dragons Starting with Python First steps, Turtle graphics, Playful apps, Games in Python
Coding language
Scratch 3.0 Scratch 3.0 Scratch 3.0 Python Python

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